"The CD’s sound engineering is excellent. Personae is a bewitching collection carefully chosen to elicit the poetic qualities in music and words. I found it captivating from the first time I heard it, and now at my fifth listening it strikes me as even more meaningful. I believe it stimulates the hearer to think of the genesis of music and poetic speech, and for this quality must be highly recommended."

--Dave Saemann, Fanfare


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Ezra Pound’s poetic voice of the 20th century was important in the development of poetry in the modernist movement. Connected to musicians, composers, and artists of the early 20th century, Pound also wrote musical compositions of his own. In Pound’s music, musical realizations of poetic form, rhythm, and pacing permeate throughout.

This album is based on Pound’s poetic and musical writings. It is divided into “tercets” or groups of three works that include a work by Pound, a stanza from Jesse Nathan’s poem “Personae,” and a contemporary work.  My intention is for the recording to be one cohesive listening experience, allowing each piece to be a comment on the previous and a transition into the next.

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"This is a wonderful album."

--David Saemann, Fanfare

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