Recording: Personae

This album is based on Pound’s poetic and musical writings. It is divided into “tercets” or groups of three works that include a work by Pound, a stanza from Jesse Nathan’s poem “Personae,” and a contemporary work.  My intention is for the recording to be one cohesive listening experience, allowing each piece to be a comment on the previous and a transition into the next.

Released by Gega New in 2017, and distributed by Naxos Direct. 

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David Saemann review from fanfare

Colin Clarke Review from Fanfare

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"The CD’s sound engineering is excellent. Personae is a bewitching collection carefully chosen to elicit the poetic qualities in music and words. I found it captivating from the first time I heard it, and now at my fifth listening it strikes me as even more meaningful. I believe it stimulates the hearer to think of the genesis of music and poetic speech, and for this quality must be highly recommended." --David Saemann, Fanfare