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In her solo violin project “Meshes,” Leslee Smucker explores the strange and unnerving relationship between dream and reality by juxtaposing the music of Conor Abbott Brown, Lera Auerbach, Michel van der Aa, Locatelli, and film of Maya Deren. The film “Meshes of the Afternoon,” by Maya Deren is set neither in reality or dream, and it is the mesh and web of fugue-like sequences that is the impetus for the solo violin program entitled “Meshes.” Musical works connect everyday actions with the psyche–symbolizing small-meaning occurrences through an artistic realm. The program features a commission entitled “Enmeshed” by Conor Abbott Brown. “Meshes” develops themes surrounding dream and reality, and sound and silence–compelling the audience to experience the subliminal relationship between dream and reality. This program is sponsored with a grant from Colorado Creative Industries. Sound Design by Conor Abbott Brown.

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to Oct 9

Barnes Ensemble, Fellow

Don’t miss the debut performance of the Barnes Ensemble, a cutting-edge contemporary music ensemble with the celebrated JACK Quartet as its core. Inspired by Dr. Barnes’s unconventional approach to arranging his art collection, this opening concert program features a carefully curated array of 21st-century music, mixing cultures, instrumentations, and ensemble sizes to explore connection in sound. The performance marks the culmination of the nine-day Barnes Ensemble Festival

Performance: Sunday October 8, 2017, 7-10pm

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