Fantaisie en Spirale

Premiered at Association Philomuses in Paris, France, Fantaisie en Spirale is a multimedia program for violin and piano and was inspired by French film, music, and art from the 1920s. Combining music by Caleb Burhans, Olivier Messiaen, Karol Szymanowski, Astor Piazzola and others with film by George Mileies, Rene Clair, and Marcel Duchamp the recital is a celebration of the unique spiral of life. Poetry by Lorca also guides this recital from beginning to end. 

print by Leslee Smucker

print by Leslee Smucker



 by Federico Garcia Lorca

My time advances in a spiral

The spiral limits my landscape,

leaves the past in shadows,

and makes me travel full of uncertainty.

 O straight line! Pure lance without a horseman,

how my spiral path dreams of your light!