Violin Lessons in Boulder Colorado

I offer violin lessons to any age or level student. I was a "Suzuki kid," and use a mix of Suzuki, traditional, and my own method of teaching. 

If you or your child are interested in lessons, please contact me for more information. I am always happy to meet with you and see if we are a good fit together. 

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As an active teacher throughout my career, I strive to equip students with the tools to be independent, thoughtful, creative musicians. Ranging from a comprehensive warm-up routine to how to conquer stage fright, every aspect of the lesson is designed to help the student achieve their own expressive voice and passion. Private lessons, studio class, and academic classrooms are places for students to experiment with new ideas while still maintaining the structure and accountability they need for improvement. Each student can make unique contributions when given the opportunity.

My teaching philosophy comes directly from my values as a performer. I place importance on cultivating a foundation of traditional repertoire; however, exploring new genres often stretches a musician, creating a richer tapestry of performances and ideas. Collaboration with other musicians is very important to me as a performer. Sharing ideas about music and being able to work together with other musicians is a tenet of the musical experience for both the audience and performers.

Much of what drives my performance and teaching philosophy is a desire to tap into other’s curiosity--searching for ways to bring a fresh perspective to musical endeavours.